Teatis Inc.(本社:米国デラウェア州)は、バルクオムの代表取締役CEOである野口 卓也氏らエンジェル投資家数名を引受先として約4,000万円を調達。ミールリプレイスメント(完全代替食)「Teatis」のプレオーダーを開始した。


Teatis Inc.は “A tasty habit for people with diabetes(糖尿病患者のおいしい習慣)”というミッションのもと、医師監修のミールリプレイスメント、スーパーフード配合の粉末飲料を提供している。このたび、待望のチョコレート味のシェイク「Good-start CACAO」が新たに加わり、11月にアメリカで販売スタートする。(現在日本販売は未定)


【海外ニュース】米国の糖尿病患者向けの完全代替食「Good-start CACAO」が11月発売予定。Teatis Inc.が約4,000万円の資金調達
【海外ニュース】米国の糖尿病患者向けの完全代替食「Good-start CACAO」が11月発売予定。Teatis Inc.が約4,000万円の資金調達









【海外ニュース】米国の糖尿病患者向けの完全代替食「Good-start CACAO」が11月発売予定。Teatis Inc.が約4,000万円の資金調達













バルクオム 代表取締役CEO 野口 卓也氏





■Teatis Inc.について

会社名 : Teatis Inc.

代表者 : 代表取締役CEO 高頭 博志

事業内容: ミールリプレイスメント「Teatis」の開発販売

設立  : 2021年6月

本社  : 225 Broadway, Suite 3005, New York, NY 10007

URL   : http://teatismeal.com/




代表取締役CEO:高頭 博志




【海外ニュース】米国の糖尿病患者向けの完全代替食「Good-start CACAO」が11月発売予定。Teatis Inc.が約4,000万円の資金調達

Teatis Closes Seed Funding Round, Backed by Leading International Investors.

New Brand for Diabetic Consumers Accrues Over $1 Million to Date.


NEW YORK, Sept. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Teatis, makers of superfood powders for diabetic consumers, announces the close of its seed funding round. The science-backed brand that specializes in sugar-blocking teas accrued $700,000 from various high-power angel investors, bringing Teatis’ total investment to over $1 million.


Founded by serial entrepreneur Hiroshi Takatoh, Teatis’ seed funding round was backed by prominent investors that promote trans-Pacific startups. Genesia Ventures, Ryo Ishizuka and Takuya Noguchi led the round, alongside seven other angel investors. Genesia Ventures is a leading venture capital firm in Japan and Southeast Asia dedicated to supporting companies that contribute to a better future. Ryo Ishizuka is the former CEO and co-founder of Mercari, one of the largest mobile marketplaces for consumers to buy and sell items. Takuya Noguchi is the CEO and founder of BULK HOMME, Japan’s leading men’s skincare brand.


Hiroshi created Teatis after his late ex-wife’s battle with cancer. Acting as her caretaker while running his tech company, Hiroshi recognized the need for convenient, nutritious food suitable for critically ill consumers. Teaming up with an impressive list of prominent doctors, Hiroshi began crafting a product for diabetic consumers who didn’t have the time to cook but longed for natural, nutritious ingredients that helped with carbohydrate digestion and release of glucose.


The seed round will help Teatis advance production and marketing in the U.S., where 122 million diabetics and pre-diabetics continue to work towards greater prevention and treatment against the wide-spread disease. Containing no chemicals and no sweeteners, Teatis’ plant-based powders contain a special Japanese-inspired ingredient, seaweed extract (Arame), that is proven to suppress the absorption of sugar from the intestinal tract and moderates blood sugar levels.


“With millions of diabetics living in the United States, there is significant demand for diabetic-friendly foods that are nutritious, convenient, and functional”, said Hiroshi Takatoh, founder and CEO of Teatis. “Our team of doctors has worked for years to perfect our product line, and this is just the beginning. We plan on building out a comprehensive one-stop shop for Diabetic health.”

For more information on Teatis, visit teatismeal.com.


About Teatis

Teatis is a low-sugar brand of superfood powders and mixes that contain 100% real food sugar blockers. Crafted by a team of doctors and nutrition specialists, Teatis’ line of products is extensively tested for diabetic-friendly diets and overall disease management. Teatis was founded by serial entrepreneur Hiroshi Takatoh, who after losing his ex-wife to cancer, sought a way to improve access and nutrition for consumers who lack time and cooking skills to effectively manage their health. Teatis’ unique powders are flavorful and invigorating, and can be made into teas and lattes, or added to smoothies. For more information and to purchase Teatis online, visit at teatismeal.com.


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